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Jane Bwetee Eben.

My first business epiphany
happened in China …

Hi, I’m Jane Eben and I help entrepreneurs, businesses & governments 2X, 4x & even 10x their results … through our global networks & business intelligence.

… My life completely CHANGED in the late of 2014 when I had the epiphany my Chinese business school was an absolute joke …


They were not teaching us the secrets & formulas that had made China the second largest economy in the world. Instead, we were stuck defining business terms …

Pst! So, I quit …

... "thank you E'Or SOLUTIONS Inc.™ for making
my China Business Goals a success"....

Jonas Stalygas,
Founder/CEO of Shanghai Tourist Marketing Planning Co., Ltd.


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Tired of holding seminars for plate lickers?

EXTENSIVE testing and overwhelming results (both for me and dozens upon dozens of my private coaching clients) PROVE that seminars provide the ultimate PLATFORM for advisors. You can easily filter out crappy prospects and seamlessly attract the very best AFFLUENT prospects into your office with a proven Affluent Seminar System. Click below to find out how…

... "Having worked with a dozen professional services in my 4 years in the business, without reservation, E'Or SOLUTIONS, Inc.™ has provided, by far, the best return for my money"...

Ferdinand A., CEO Pokou Trading Co.Ltd.
Shanghai, China.
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